5 tips, tricks & mods to level up lighting with Spekular

One the greatest tools a photographer has at their disposal is ingenuity. Being able to think on their feet and find a creative way to shoot is at the core of the craft. We want to share a few tips, tricks and modifications you can do with Spekular. Now, these are just a few that we came up with, but feel free to experiment yourself.

It’s always fun to make a piece of gear on your own, using it a specific way, making sure it fits your needs and using it effortlessly. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing that makes a big difference in your workflow and changes how you use your gear.

#1 – A little bit extra

A straightforward way to get more power from your Spekular kit is removing the diffusion filter. Spekular is designed so you can remove the filter. So if you need a little more “juice” or you a less diffused light, just pop the filter off.

(Just remember where you placed the cover. Hint: in the case)

#2 – Another “notch on the belt”

Spekular has a few design features that you may have missed. One of those features is the markers on the hinged connectors. If you look closely at Spekular’s hinged connectors, you can see there are a few notches on the axis, these are indications for certain angles, making it easier to create specific shapes.

The top half of the connector has one notch, and the bottom part has a few notches, by aligning those marks, you can lock in certain angles. No need for guesswork if you want a triangle/square/hexagon or any other shape. Here is the list of shapes the notches will indicate:

Bonus: rotating the hinged connectors all the way to the other end creates a hexagon with a smaller gap between the sections.

#3 – All the colors of the Rainbow

Color is a great tool to have as part of your arsenal, particularly combined with Spekular. When you first opened your Spekular case, you might have missed the little pouch inside the mesh. Inside the pouch are eight gel holders, so put the tape away 🙂

Spekular with a red gel

When you pair Spekular’s high color accuracy with a great set of colored gels, you can achieve some fantastic things. Here is an excellent video of photographer Jake Hicks combining his gel set along with Spekular, making some great shots (Jake’s Gel set is organized with color theory in mind, which is why we love using it). Having gels allows you more control with colors and power that is simple, lightweight and extremely powerful.

A snapshot from Jake’s video

#4 -Twinkle, Twinkle little star

Spekular’s Star adapter, is great for creating a beautiful ring-like light. it can also be used as you would use a standard Octagon. Using two Spekular core kits with the star adapter not only gives a ton of power, but also spreads light evenly on your subject.1Of course, you can also create unique shapes with the star adapter (hint: you can use as many, or as little, LED sections as you want).

5# – Light in the shape of you

There is always that scenario, the time when you need a unique light to fit a special situation. Spekular is perfect for creating different shapes of light, but in some cases, you want to create a one-of-a-kind light. A light that is unique to you. That kind of light can be incredibly useful if you are using Spekular for product photography.

You can create such unique lighting patterns by blocking parts of the light in various ways.In our studio, right next to the gels, we have a roll of Cinefoil for that exact purpose. Since Spekular is an LED and doesn’t emit much heat, you can use a piece of plain black cardboard to create unique lighting patterns.

One of the best things about this sort of “mod,” is that you can keep making more and more, having an endless supply of light modifiers and just store them in your Spekular bag.

We hope that these tips will help make your gear a little bit more personal.We would love for you to share your own personal mods for your gear.

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