Spekular lights used in Discovery Channel’s Shark Wrecked + Blowing a boat up

Discovery’s Shark Week starts today. Shark Week is a week-long festival celebrating the most feared fro creatures in the world, Sharks. Discovery will debut a new flagship show for this week, called Shark Wrecked, airing July 26th at 9 pm.

It’s the most dangerous Shark Week stunt, Paul de Gelder and James Glancy spend 48 hours shipwrecked. With no food, or water, the physical condition worsens, and the risk of shark attack rises. How will the sharks behave? And will the men get attacked?

Photographer Micah Tarrel was hired to shoot the show. Aside from flying drones, shooting an exploding boat, and documenting the divers, Micha took a few minutes to chat about his use of Spekular Lights during the filming of the show.

Recently, I was hired to film a Shark Week program for Discovery Channel called “Shark Wrecked” airing July 26th at 9 pm. Two men with Military and Special Forces backgrounds were forced to survive, floating in the ocean for 48 hours surrounded by giant Oceanic White Tipped Sharks! During this process, we had a safety boat for medics and other essential personnel that was being filmed throughout the days and nights. For this, we needed to light the very small control room, and I chose to try out the new Spekular Lighting system by Spiffy Gear.

The Spekular lighting system offered the versatility to light a room discretely. The system is compact and extremely easy to control. The quality of the Spekular LEDs is so high, that they can act as on-camera lights, without being distracting or call attention to themselves. They can be mounted with Velcro or minimal grip equipment. This is exactly what we did for the control room; allowing us to shoot 360 degrees and not worry about seeing light stands or cables that could potentially take the audience out of our program. Eventually, we also used them as practicals appearing in the frame.

Along with its versatility, the Spekular system is beautifully balanced to daylight color and has built-in dimming capabilities, allowing us to control the ambiance in our control room, whether we are shooting midday, or in the middle of the night.

If you want to get some stellar shark action tune into Discovery Channel’s Shark Week starting today.