Photographer Tina Eisen talks gear, beauty shoots and retouching

Photographer Tina Eisen, is an editorial and commercial beauty photographer based in the UK. Tina shoots for some of the best cosmetics brands in the world, MaxFactor, Ciate, Sephora, Harvey Nichols, EX1. You may have seen her work passing by the cosmetics sections in your favorite pharm shop.

Tina is recognized for her definite style ranging from clean and fresh to “whoooa what just happened?!” creative beauty and has become very recognizable in the industry.

While Tina usually soots with a pack of Profoto strobes, she says that:

Like a lot of other photographers I sometimes find myself in a safe zone, tightly embracing a small range of lighting setups I love and trust and that I can set up in my sleep.

Over time I have grown fond of the one, two, three studio flash setups with a variety of different modifiers. For the last few months, I developed a creative craving though, I wanted to introduce different light sources into my arsenal and explore the realms of mixed lighting.

Tina explored adding continuous lights to her setup and opted for Spekular. Tina says

everything was straight forward, intuitive and most importantly, fun to put together as the various adapters gave me a whole lot of creative freedom. On the day I opted for the Spekular Star Adapter in order to create some beautiful, uniquely shaped catchlights, especially for close up shots. I took one test picture and the whole team got excited!

I’m such a big fan of expressive, sparkly eyes and the Spekular added pure magic to the pictures!

As a great side effect to the beautiful catch lights, Spekular really helped give the model’s skin that beautiful, healthy glow and brought her highlighted cheeks out perfectly.

Once the shoot was done the team took turns taking selfies on set, catching that star reflection and every since that day I have to get the Spekulars out for every shoot.

My make up artist insists on using it for behind the scenes videos too now and I have to pry it out of her hands every time she leaves…

You can check out more of work on @tina_eisen and