Six AWESOME Ways To Improve Your Lightning Rigs

We are going to show you how to build six lighting rigs using the Spekular LED light system.

It may be hard to believe, but every one of those six lighting rigs was built using only Spekular lights, which is probably the most versatile lighting kit in the market.

Adam Rubin from team “Kaveret” uses the Spekular’s octagon shape in order to reflect the light over an air conditioner filter, bringing attention to its fine details.

This interview/portrait setup was brought to us by Canon ambassador Sanjay Jogia. This setup is easy to build and packs down to a backpack.

In this setup, our friend Micha Tarrel used Spekular lights Discovery Channel’s “Sharkwrecked”. Micha mounted Spkular on top of the shark monitors to add some ambient light into the shot.

“For my next magic trick, I’ll need FOUR Spekular kits to create the ideal tabletop lighting rig”Adam Frimer.

The team at SYRP mounted Spekular on their sliders, to create a moving-light for their movie on the Canon EOS-R.

Our last (but not least!) rig is by the talented Ophir Peleg who shows us a brand new combo of Spekular lights and a rain machine. It’s raining Spekular, Hallelujah!

P.S. Most of the lighting rigs above are using ONE Spekular Core Kit. Some rigs, however, are using TWO or more kits. To learn more, check out our Spekular kits here.