You really did it in 2019

As the curtain closes on 2019, we wanted to take a minute and review the year. It was big.

We introduced and started selling Lumiee – the world’s first wearable light. We enhanced our Spekular LED Light product family We teamed us with bag maker Zuca to create a portable lighting kit for makeup artists on the road, and we are kicking into production with a few more innovative lights.

Lumiee was warmly embraced by the content creation community, winning the Product of the Year for the lighting category at NAB 2019. And immediately used by Ford and Nascar to create award-winning commercials.

Our growth as a company would not have been possible without your warm support, and for that we are grateful.

Here at Spiffy Gear HQ, we believe that lighting should be a fun and creative process and we are working closely with the community to bring more innovation to the hands of photographers, filmmakers, and content creators. We wanted to take a minute and celebrate the great photos that you created using our Gear.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!