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Top 3 most surprising uses for KYU-6™ LED light bracelet

KYU-6™ is one of the lowest-profile cine-lights in the world and both cinematographers and still photographers have found loads of creative ways to use KYU-6 lights in their projects. To our surprise, KYU-6 users in our online Spiffy Community have found some incredibly creative ways to use these flexible and wearable LED lights as compact […]

The Light Blaster creates SPOOK-takulous backgrounds!

  Halloween is just around the corner, and that makes it a perfect time to photograph the costume characters in your life and use the Light Blaster to create incredible settings. Light Blaster brings you unlimited creative possibilities, letting you select and project still images or patterns onto any background or object. In an instant, […]

Learn How to Light Paint Your Product Photography

If you are looking for a way to spice up your product photography game, how about some light painting? Mark Duffy shared his light painting technique for product photography. Mark uses the KYU-6 LED Light Wrap and a ‘Puma’ sneakers in this video. As Mark mentions, this video isn’t about general product photography lighting. This […]

Watch this crazy video combining fire, water, capoeira and slow motion

Edden Ram is an international filmmaker focusing on adventure and extreme sports. Edden is a visual storyteller traveling the world and has shot for clients like GoPro, Lufthansa, Billabong, Columbia, and others. His latest short, “Fluid Motion”, tells a story about passion and expression via movement. We sat down with Edden to better understand his […]

Lumiee used as cornerstone art in Static and Ben-El newest music video

Static and Ben El are popular singer/songwriters in Israel, gathering 100s of millions of views on youtube. For their latest music video, they chose to use Lumiee, as a mood establishing prop. Director Roman Buchatsky says: We wanted to tell a story about a couple. We wanted it to be sexy, but we also wanted […]