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Learn How to Light Paint Your Product Photography

If you are looking for a way to spice up your product photography game, how about some light painting? Photographer Mark Duffy just shared his light painting technique for product photography. Naturally, it involves KYU-6 led light bracelets and some brand new ‘Puma’ sneakers. As Mark mentioned, this video isn’t about general product photogaphy lighting […]

Watch this crazy video combining fire, water, capoeira and slow motion

Edden Ram is an international filmmaker focusing on adventure and extreme sports. Edden is a visual storyteller traveling the world and has shot for clients like GoPro, Lufthansa, Billabong, Columbia, and others. His latest short, “Fluid Motion”, tells a story about passion and expression via movement. We sat down with Edden to better understand his […]

Lumiee used as cornerstone art in Static and Ben-El newest music video

Static and Ben El are popular singer/songwriters in Israel, gathering 100s of millions of views on youtube. For their latest music video, they chose to use Lumiee, as a mood establishing prop. Director Roman Buchatsky says: We wanted to tell a story about a couple. We wanted it to be sexy, but we also wanted […]