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Top 3 most surprising uses for KYU-6™ LED light bracelet

KYU-6™ is one of the lowest-profile cine-lights in the world and both cinematographers and still photographers have found loads of creative ways to use KYU-6 lights in their projects. To our surprise, KYU-6 users in our online Spiffy Community have found some incredibly creative ways to use these flexible and wearable LED lights as compact […]

Watch this crazy video combining fire, water, capoeira and slow motion

Edden Ram is an international filmmaker focusing on adventure and extreme sports. Edden is a visual storyteller traveling the world and has shot for clients like GoPro, Lufthansa, Billabong, Columbia, and others. His latest short, “Fluid Motion”, tells a story about passion and expression via movement. We sat down with Edden to better understand his […]

Lumiee used as cornerstone art in Static and Ben-El newest music video

Static and Ben El are popular singer/songwriters in Israel, gathering 100s of millions of views on youtube. For their latest music video, they chose to use Lumiee, as a mood establishing prop. Director Roman Buchatsky says: We wanted to tell a story about a couple. We wanted it to be sexy, but we also wanted […]

Shooting Whiskey for easyJet, Europe’s second largest low-cost airline

Eyal Yassky is a travel photographer and social entrepreneur. For the opening issue of 2019’s EasyJet Traveller magazine, Eyal shot an intriguing story about whiskey-making in Tel Aviv. I asked Eyal to peek his brain about the shoot and share it with the Spiffy Community: A career in Travel photography gets you to… well… Travel. […]

Photographer Tina Eisen talks gear, beauty shoots and retouching

Photographer Tina Eisen, is an editorial and commercial beauty photographer based in the UK. Tina shoots for some of the best cosmetics brands in the world, MaxFactor, Ciate, Sephora, Harvey Nichols, EX1. You may have seen her work passing by the cosmetics sections in your favorite pharm shop. Tina is recognized for her definite style […]

Spekular lights used in Discovery Channel’s Shark Wrecked + Blowing a boat up

Discovery’s Shark Week starts today. Shark Week is a week-long festival celebrating the most feared fro creatures in the world, Sharks. Discovery will debut a new flagship show for this week, called Shark Wrecked, airing July 26th at 9 pm. It’s the most dangerous Shark Week stunt, Paul de Gelder and James Glancy spend 48 hours […]