We planned Spekular to make your photography and videography lives easier. Carry less, light more, have more options.

All the modifiers you need

To create the best photos and videos, you need to use light modifiers to create the mood you want, right? We’ve all been there: You don’t know what modifier you might need, so you just buy them all. It weighs a ton, costs an arm and a leg, and 90% of the kit you buy goes unused. That’s why we invented Spekular.

Spekular is a light that reshapes itself to your needs. Want a glamorous ring light look? Check! An edgy strip light? You got it! An LED panel for interviews? No problem!

Spekular can be all of those lights. It reshapes itself to whatever your needs are. It can even split up to separate units to provide a three-point lighting setup.

All the light you need

Banish grain, get better depth of field, and make your visuals look gorgeous? Yeah, you’re going to need all the light you can get. We have you covered. Spekular is powerful. Each of the LEDs sections provides 14.5 watts of light (think 150 WATTS halogens). And there are four of them. This kit delivers as much power as four “standard” LED panels, so you have to carry less, and light more.

Perfect color accuracy

LED panels are notorious for having horrible color casts. Not Spekular. We give you beautiful light that is more than 96% accurate* In short: spend more time being creative, and less time swearing at your computer screen.

* Specifically, our lights are guaranteed to be 94+ CRI and 96+ TLCI

Create unique portraits and videos

In high-end fashion shows, you’ll sometimes see crazy-shaped lights that create stunning effects. Stars, squares, rings. With Spekular, you can arrange the lights in any shape you want – easy, quick, and without having to carry extra gear around with you.

Never stop a production

Nothing is more annoying than gear that breaks down at critical moments. We created Spekular to be able to take a beating. Its aluminum sections and tough ABS connectors will last through a tough production so you can complete a shoot with no worries. And if the power goes out, use our battery pack to keep going regardless. The show must go on!

The Spekular Ecosystem